Isabelle Castelli 

DPLG Architecture  |1993| School of Architecture of Grenoble,
DESS Urbanisme & Aménagement  |1994|  Urbanism Institute of Grenoble, France
Gestion & Stratégie de la construction  |1995|  Sorbonne / Ponts&Chaussées, Paris

Isabelle Castelli worked in architecture practices, in France and Italy. In urbanism, she collaborated on projects as a member of the company Solidère in Beirut (Lebanon).

In 2003, Isabelle integrates Nuxe Laboratory in Paris to coordinate different projects of urban and hotel spas. From programming to launching, she measured the specificities of spa projects, within its spatial, technical and economical dimensions.

From 2004, Isabelle Castelli has completed day-spa projects on her own, enlarging her activity in 2006 to consulting in spa concept development for the Thermes of Saint-Gervais.


The creation of Scalaa architects with Anne Laure Gimenez in 2007 and the completion of new projects inFrance and abroad signs her recognition of her know-how in this demanding field.


Anne Laure gimenez

DPLG Architecture |1993| School of Architecture of Grenoble, Montreal (Mc Gill), Barcelona (ETSAB)
CEAA Composition urbaine  |1994| School of Architecture of Paris -Belleville

DESS Pratiques Européennes de l’Architecture  |1995| University of Helsinki (T.A.I.C. - Arts & Design)

MESA (Master European Studies in Architecture) |1996| University of London East (UEL)

Since 1993, Anne Laure Gimenez has enriched her professional experience within international prestigious architectural offices.

She has been involved in numerous projects from urban planning to cultural buildings design, such as theaters, auditoriums, museums as well as hospitals, housing and interior renovations; for : Rem Koolhaas (OMA) in Rotterdam, Burrell foley Fischer (BFF), OCEAN uk and SOM in London, Groupe 6 and Decq & Cornette (ODBC) in Paris.

In Asia and in London, Anne Laure Gimenez specialized in bioclimatic architecture with Ken Yeang (TRHY) leading practice in green buildings. In parallel Anne Laure was involved in teaching and lecturing in various schools of architecture.

Back in Parisafter 10 years abroad, Anne Laure joins Louis Vuitton as the Manager of the American zone where she developed her expertise in luxury retail design following flagships stores from design to completion.


In 2007 Anne Laure Gimenez joins IC as her partner to create Scalaa architectes.




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